Who is baril


At BARiL, we’re less about faucets. Ok, we’re a lot about faucets. But we’re more about you, your life and the role we play in it.

Understanding the bigger picture; from your grand vision to your day-to-day rituals. Feeding your imagination with style inspiration and improving your life through product innovation. Creating the spaces that you’re proud to live in and crafting the little details you can’t live without.

Faucets designed to please your eyes in an instant and engineered to withstand your touch for a lifetime.

Designed by BARiL in Montréal

Before being assembled in Canada, all BARiL faucets begin in the minds of our designers who, as their city, bring a European sensibility to the North American market.

The BARiL Family :
Faucet-Makers by Love of the Craft

Driven by its passion for the avant-garde, the family-owned business excels in the design, manufacture and distribution of unique faucets.

Quality and Reliability since 1986

Relying on expertise finely developed over 30 years, our team focuses on research and constant improvement to craft durable, flawless faucets.

BARiL faucets are robust, built with high-quality materials and advanced technical components.

All products are carefully controlled and tested by our quality department at each step of the manufacturing.

Lifetime Warranty on Products and Service

We proudly warranty all our products for life against manufacturing defects and we also provide professional, fast and personalized after-sales service.

Just call us at 1.800.461.3871 or write us at [email protected] and it will be our pleasure to answer any question on products or installation.

Our sales representatives and customer service professionals are trained by our product experts. They know how to support you in case of any problem you might encounter, and replacements parts are available during the whole product’s life.