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The faucets are guaranteed against all manufacturing defects. Baril Robinetier will replace free of charge any defective part upon presentation of the invoice of purchase showing the product code and the date of purchase. A manufacturing defect usually appears during the first few months of usage.

Any defective part is covered by the warranty. Baril Robinetier will replace the faulty part free of charge. An original or similar replacement part will be sent to you. The warranty does not cover shipping and handling or labor fees. Warranty is void if the installation does not comply with the rules and regulations in effect or the manufacturer’s instructions. The warranty does not cover damages that occurred during installation, transport or any other accidental or indirect damage.

The time of purchase is a determinant factor in diagnosing a default. Our experience taught us that a manufacture defect occurs within a year of purchase in most products. Hand sprays, shower heads, finishes and all plastic parts show defects in the first 12 months of usage. As for diverter or seal, the defect can appear within 36 months of usage. The ceramic and thermostatic cartridges should be functional for a few years. Although, you should note that after 8 years of daily usage and hard water, etc, it is reasonnable to consider it of normal use and purchase the new cartridge. This can be done easily and at low costs. Chrome finish should last for many years if you use a gentle cleaning product. All parts not under warranty can be ordered at Baril Robinetier. They will be treated as a regular order and detail price will be applied.

You should have the original date of purchase and the product code. This information will help you find the code of the part you need as listed in our products file on our website; www.barildesign.com. You can also find the numerated parts in the instruction manual provided in the product packaging. Regarding discontinued products, or if you have questions, problems or any other requests, you can reach Baril Robinetier’s customer service. They can help you find a part code or explain what is not working properly. Once you have the part code (or the date of purchase and product code) you can send your request by fax: 1-800-463-3005, by e-mail: [email protected], or by phone: 1-800-463-3871. The parts under warranty are free and the parts that are not under warranty will be charged which is why it is important to provide us the date of purchase along with your order.

We recommend washing your faucets with warm water and a gentle, non-abrasive liquid soap. Never use products that are abrasive, corrosive, or contain chemicals, powder cleaners or heavy-duty products such as tooth paste, detergents, scouring products, window cleaners and disinfectants. Cartridges can be cleaned with a small brush under running warm water. Limestone on hand spray can be removed by letting it soak in water with a drop of vinegar. As for the anti limestone hand spray, you can use your fingers to wipe off excess sediment. Taking good care of your faucets will keep them working for many years.

Ceramic is strong, tear proof and able to adjust thus providing waterproofness. Ceramic discs are made to assure maximal pressure of your faucets. Their construction allow you to turn the water on and off with a 1/4 turn movement making it user friendly.

After 25 years in the faucet industry, Baril Robinetier is known for its expertise and the quality of its after sale service. For any questions regarding our products, installation, various technical problems you may encounter during installation or if you have any requests regarding the use of our products, our faucet professional will be happy to help. The members of our customer service team are trained by our product experts and designers of the Baril Robinetier faucets. We also have a Quality department in charge of limiting as much as possible faucet related problems. From design to sales, the Quality department assures the liability of the Baril Robinetier products.

Baril Robinetier recommends you to hire a professional to install all our products. This will assure you the best installation possible. For instance, making sure a sufficient water flow reaches your faucet (depending on the floor level, the various appliances connected to the water line, etc), making sure the connections are strong and waterproof, offering you a labor warranty on the installation, etc. In short, by hiring a professional you will avoid all kinds of problems that could occur during installation and while using your faucets. Also, the installation will be made according to the norms in effect. An installation made according to the rules and regulations insures you the warranty will be honored, if ever needed.

Baril Robinetier is sensitive to the environment and offers many eco-friendly solutions. The majority of the Baril Robinetier faucets offer the eco-friendly option of a 1,5GPM flow instead of the usual 2,2GPM, this means 30 % of water saving. For the single control faucets, Baril Robinetier offers the option of the ECOC eco-friendly cartridge. There are two positions available on this cartridge, first at 1,5GPM, and by pushing further, you get 2,2GMP. This eco-friendly cartridge is greatly appreciated in kitchen faucets because, while allowing you to turn on the water rapidly it prevents excess loss of water. This two stops cartridge offers a strong water flow when needed. Baril Robinetier also offers the eco-friendly aerator ECOA. When purchasing a faucet with the ECOA option, you can order the aerator and we will install it to your faucet. The flow of your faucet will be regulated at 1,5GPM. We also have options to reduce water flow for all other water outlet such as shower heads, hand sprays. You can ask your Baril Robinetier representative about it or contact our customer service for any related demands. Please note that for bathroom faucets, a strong flow is preferable so your bathtub can fill up quickly and keep its temperature.

It is reasonable to think that all faucets are standards. It is usually possible to update your faucets with existing connections. Make sure to get new faucets that can fill the void left by the old ones. The installation of new faucets requires access to the rough and connections. You will find a variety of options in the complementary parts that will help you install new faucets on existing sinks, basin or bathtub. You will find decorative plates, small columns for old fashioned bathtubs, etc. The majority of the Baril Robinetier products are made so the rough and the finition are installed at once. It is not necessary or possible to adapt the Baril Robinetier finish to the rough product of another manufacturer. If you change your mind and wish to choose a different finition offered in the Baril Robinetier collection, it is possible to interchange some collections due to the standard settings of the rough faucet. You can contact the customer service of Baril Robinetier, if needed.

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