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Innovation and Environment

EcoloBaril cares about the environment.

Baril’s products are becoming greener. Thanks to technological improvements developed in the last few years. Baril proposes two options that may be used separately to allow you to decrease your water consumption by more than 30%. (This may represent a savings of over 120 000 liters of water per year for a family of four.)


The aerator ECOA from Baril is available for bathroom lavatory faucets and kitchen faucets. This aerator is built exclusively for Baril, providing the sensation of maximal water flow while benefiting from savings. ECOA may help owners of ‘green homes’ to receive their LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) certification.


Baril innovates by introducing a ceramic cartridge ECOC, through clever means, on most single-lever faucets for the bathroom and kitchen. This new system lightly restricts the cartridge’s opening, then the user simply applies slight pressure to the lever to obtain maximum flow. This technology allows you to reduce water consumption during use and reminds you that small gestures help to save our planet. These two ecological options developed by Baril, reduce water consumption by more than 30% without altering your lifestyle. When ordering, simply specify the code ECOA (1, 2,3 or 4) for the aerator (+ $8 on the faucet listed price) and ECOC (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6) for the single-lever cartridge (+ $25 on the faucet listed price). Price available when buying a faucet.

We strongly believe that every small gesture makes a world of difference and helps us all evolve in a way that benefits future generations.