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Baril – History and Philosophy

Our manifesto

Faucet-Maker by trade and by love of the trade. Baril Design has been dedicated to the industry since 1986. Driven by our passion for the unconventional, we excel at designing, manufacturing and distributing faucets. Insistence on quality, aesthetic awareness and free vision: these are our ideals.

For the love of audacity, Baril Design takes risks. We dare to be innovative, we dare to be reliable, we dare to be responsible; we dare to pursue design. We demand bold and accessible design, where form meets function. For the love of success, we stand by our professionalism. Our well-developed expertise, our constant quest for improvement and our unique service make us an exceptional partner. Proud and meticulous, every member of our team shares a single wish: to offer the very best. From idea to product, we are rising to the task one faucet at a time.



Baril Robinetier is a faucet-maker by trade and by love for the trade

Baril Robinetier offers more than 25 000 references in order to answer your every need in faucet material. From your bathroom to your kitchen, Baril Robinetier offers a wide variety of collections so you can choose. A thermostatic shower kit protecting your kids from the risks of being burned, an industrial type kitchen faucet that will add authenticity to your decor or, our specially designed collections created with crystals. Baril Robinetier is daring without ever compromising the quality of the products you will buy. They are brought to you with a constant and special care to the environment. Each faucet is certified by the highest security standards of North America.The Baril Robinetier enterprise is run by the Baril family.

Baril historical timeline

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