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Launching SENS – B45

The rounded square style – a contradictory expression that actually describes a new faucet with very harmonious lines. It presents a softer, warmer kind of modern and almost qualifies as transitional. It would look great on a large square sink as much as on a standard classic oval model. Based on the public’s initial reaction, we can predict that the SENS collection will be a hit.


Aside from being pleasant to touch due to its ergonomic form, our newest addition hides a trick! You can change the direction of the water flow by about 7 degrees thanks to an adjustable aerator. Avoid splashes and increase the distance to the edge of the sink when necessary.



BARiL’s first two-piece roman tub filler innovates in multiple ways. The push-button diverter behind the spout is more discreet and elegant than visible handles or traditional pull-rods. Repairs couldn’t be easier since it’s actually a small, replaceable cartridge. Even with a clever double-wall construction to avoid burns, it supplies 35 l/min.